Email Marketing Is The Single BEST Way To Make More Money For Your Business. 
Are you Tapping Its Potential?

Get the complete eCommerce email marketer’s toolkit and learn everything you need to maximize your email marketing and achieve real, revenue-producing results.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur running an online store on Shopify, you’ve been hard at work growing your business.

You've done everything you've read or been told to do:

  • You’re cranking out LOADS of free content
  • You’re building your following on IG, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn
  • You've got a healthy sprinkling of keywords to boost SEO
  • And you’re dabbling with ads on social to drive traffic to your Shopify store

But for all of your time spent creating, writing, and connecting — and for all the money spent targeting and retargeting — the results don’t justify your efforts.

You’re doing your part, so why aren’t you getting more SALES?

There is still a silver lining.
Your audience is growing, and you're getting great offers. You’ve been marketing up the wazoo.

But it feels like something’s missing — like your revenue could be (or should be) doing A LOT better.

All of this work for a fraction of the payoff is frustrating, disappointing and draining.

But because you're a tenacious entrepreneur, you refuse to leave any stones unturned; you check all the factors, all the avenues, to make this right. And then...

Your mind stops on email...

That's right, email. You’ve read it’s supposedly super effective — according to a recent report from Salesforce, email has the highest ROI of any other marketing effort, as high as 3800%.

Yet every time you think of email, your mind goes to your own inbox — and the floods of emails you get every day, the majority of which you delete.

Ugh, you think. I don’t want to add to that noise; or be one of those email marketers who slams you with email after email filled with offers you don’t need.

But then you think of the emails you DO read — because there definitely are some.

What makes them different from the others?

You realize that the emails you do open have content that speaks to you — and offers that are perfectly 
aligned with what you need, and when.

Those emails aren’t annoying or delete-worthy; they’re actually extremely valuable. 
You look forward to those emails — you open them and BUY into them.

Suddenly, a lightbulb goes off in your head.

What if YOU could create emails that your followers connected with, opened, and bought from?

What if email really IS the missing piece of your marketing that could help you make more sales?

Chances are...IT IS. If — and this is a big IF — the email is done well.

Email Done Well...

Includes offers that make sense with where your customer is at in their “customer journey”

Provides content that is valuable and in line with your customers’ needs

Builds relationships with your followers instead of constantly trying to sell

Periodically asks your subscribers what they need and would like to receive

Is personalized, clear, strategic, and consistent

Email Done Wrong...

Sends mass email blasts to everyone on your list

Provides content that’s focused on your agenda and not on your customers’ needs

Talks “at” your followers instead of including them in the conversation

Is one sales pitch after the next

Is generic, confusing, haphazard, and sporadic

Email Done Well...

Email Done Wrong...

Includes offers that make sense with where your customer is at in their “customer journey”

Provides content that’s focused on your agenda and not on your customers’ needs

Provides content that is valuable and in line with your customers’ needs

Sends mass email blasts to everyone on your list

Builds relationships with your followers instead of constantly trying to sell

Talks “at” your followers instead of including them in the conversation

Periodically asks your subscribers what they need and would like to receive

Is one sales pitch after the next

Is personalized, clear, strategic, and consistent

Is generic, confusing, haphazard, and sporadic

Ah-ha! You may have tried a few emails in the past that didn’t yield great results, and now you’re starting to see why…
But even if you’ve never sent an email to date, you can clearly see how valuable a well-done email can be.

Your only question is: How do you do it?

What you DO know is that you’re ready

...ready to give email marketing a serious try in your business.

Good can do all that.

It’s not your fault that email marketing hasn’t been the shining star of your sales and marketing plan.

The truth is everything you’ve ever heard about email marketing has either been oversimplified ("get 10,000 subscribers in 10 days and sell your stuff like hotcakes!") or overly complicated ("learn the SCIENCE of email marketing").

  • You’ve never learned about email marketing by starting with the basics — fundamentals that many HUGE companies don’t know or ignore.
  • You’ve never learned about email marketing in a way that aligns you so deeply with your audience that they feel like you’re reading their mind (and makes emailing them SO MUCH easier!).
  • And you’ve never learned about email marketing in a way that’s simple, easy to implement, and results in REAL revenue for your business.

But hear this: YOU CAN.

The secret to effective email marketing is to speak to where your customer is right now in their buying journey with you.

And I’m here to show you how.

It’s Safe to Say That Caring About Customers is My Thing.

I care (deeply!) about my own customers of course, but I also care about the customers of any company, especially the ones I’ve worked for and with. That’s because for the last decade, I’ve specialized in Customer Success, which is fancy talk for helping customers achieve what they want with a company’s product or service. My passion is to make sure customers’ goals are being met through that product or service so that their loyalty to the company increases — and both customer and company make sweet, profitable music together for a long, long time.

After working for several years for big companies in the Marketing Tech space in Toronto, including Torstar Digital (, The Toronto Star, and WagJag), Metroland Media, and Canopy Labs, I ventured out on my own and began Customer Success consulting. Because I was especially interested in eCommerce, I became a Klaviyo and Shopify certified partner, and began working with small-to-midsize businesses at every stage.

What I quickly realized was this: so few of them knew much at all about their customers. Sure, they may know their names and their order history, but they didn’t know anything about the customers’ motivations, needs, and behaviors. They didn’t know what they were trying to achieve, where in the journey they were on with their product or service, or how they could continue to help them.

Then COVID-19 hit, and so many of the entrepreneurs I was working with started asking me questions. “How can I keep my revenue consistent when a business crisis hits?” they asked, and “Is there a way I can use email marketing to bullet-proof my business?”

YES, I answered — and a lightbulb went off in my mind.

There is so much potential for companies of every size to strengthen their businesses and boost their sales through CUSTOMER-CENTRIC email marketing. And because I love email marketing just as much as I love customer data and customer success, I became determined to show them how.

Not only would I teach them how to understand their customers at a level they’ve never known before, but I would do it in an easy-to-follow, intuitive way that brought in real results — results like the ones I’ve helped previous clients achieve.

Results like helping a Los Angeles-based clothing company grow their online order value by 28%...

...or helping a Canadian performing arts organization grow their click rates by 8x using one-click email surveys…

...or helping one of Canada’s largest retailers increase their email-based sales by 550% using email campaign segmentation…

...or helping a boutique travel agency boost engagement and increase revenue by $73,500 just from two targeted email campaigns...during a travel ban!

There’s no reason that EVERY business can’t have results like this when they start learning about, understanding, and connecting with their customers through email in truly strategic ways.

But before you can do that, you need to grasp not only why email marketing is so effective — but why it’s CRUCIAL for your business.

Your email list is the only thing you truly own.

Despite how much time we all spend building our following on social, none of us own that audience. If Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Snapchat decide to shut down their platforms, they’d be shutting down your audience right along with it. Likewise, you’re always at the mercy of a particular platform’s algorithm. When it changes (and boy, does it ever change frequently!), you’ve got to continually find ways to work with the algorithm to get back in front of “your” people. 

With email, that list is YOURS. You own it. Should anything happen to your email platform or you decide to switch providers, you just download your list and sleep tight knowing that your audience is still perfectly intact, and waiting to hear from you.

Email is the best way to build a truly personalized relationship with your customers.

Unlike social media where you have such limited options for segmenting your followers, email makes it super easy to send the perfect message to the right group of people. Want to send a thank you email with a discount code just to new customers? You can. Want to send a surprise offer on a customer’s birthday? Sure thing. Want to send a follow-up email to the folks who’ve abandoned their cart? You got it! Email gives you unlimited options to reach out in the exact way you want to with your audience.

The benefit of this? It shows your customers that you know them, you understand them and you care. When they feel understood and are getting content and offers that resonate with them, they BUY — often over and over again.

This works even if you have a SMALL list because here’s the thing: who cares about having 10,000 followers if only 4% of them are engaged enough to buy?! It’s much better to have 500 super engaged followers and have 60% of them buy, then come back and do it again and again!

Email is extremely cost-effective.

If you’ve spent any amount of time buying ads on social media, you know it can get expensive, fast! The sad truth is so often that money spent results in very little sales. When you don’t know what else to do to market your business — or it seems that everyone else is using social ads — you keep throwing good money after bad, even though nothing is happening.

Email is a cost-friendly way to market your business that can help you see real results. Your only true cost is for the email platform, many of which are extremely affordable. Spend time growing and nurturing your list, and you’ll have an audience of engaged fans who are ready to buy any time you’ve got an offer to sell.

Email is your best defense against business crises or upheavals like COVID.

COVID revealed REAL FAST the businesses that were prepared to operate online full-time and the ones that were not. Email marketing is a great way to bullet-proof your business. Unless the next crisis blows up the internet (can you even imagine?!), there’s nothing that can touch your email list. With a strong, engaged list, you’ll just continue sending out emails. You may tweak or change your offers of course, but you’ll still have the option to connect with and sell to your audience — and watch the revenue remain steady and flowing.

The benefit of this? It shows your customers that you know them, you understand them and you care. When they feel understood and are getting content and offers that resonate with them, they BUY — often over and over again.

This works even if you have a SMALL list because here’s the thing: who cares about having 10,000 followers if only 4% of them are engaged enough to buy?! It’s much better to have 500 super engaged followers and have 60% of them buy, then come back and do it again and again!

Without email, you’re leaving money on the table.

The thing that pains me the most about companies who aren’t tapping into email marketing is all the money they’re leaving on the table. No email marketing strategy equals TONS of wasted opportunity. Once you grow a solid list that’s focused on your customers’ needs and wants, you’ll be amazed at how easy (and fun!) it is to pop an email into a customer’s inbox and have them click “Buy Now.” The best part is you can do that whenever you want.

Okay, now that we’ve got that settled…

Are you ready to learn how to use email marketing to simply, strategically, and 
successfully see more revenue coming into YOUR business?

RevUp Accelerator

RevUp Accelerator is a 12-week course that will help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before, so you can connect with them, build relationships with them, and sell successfully to them through email.

No matter what experience (if any) you’ve had with email marketing, RevUp Accelerator is a step-by-step program that builds your knowledge and your future email strategy around the most CRUCIAL component of all — one that SO MANY other email marketing courses (and businesses in general) step over completely.

That crucial component is your CUSTOMER.

If you don’t know your customers on a deep level — including what they want and where to find them — you won’t be able to truly communicate and connect with them OR provide them with valuable offers that result in SALES.

Good thing that’s exactly what RevUp Accelerator was designed to teach you!

In RevUp Accelerator you will…

  • Learn about buyers’ personas and how to create them (so you can start sending the right message to the right buyer at the right time!)
  • Map out your customer’s journey with your product or service — from the very first touchpoint to where you want them to end up
  • Learn how to use your customer journey map to create conversions and bring in sales
  • Create a strategy to measure your success, track metrics, and identify gaps
  • Understand exactly what to do to improve your email deliverability and get into your customer’s inbox, not spam
  • Discover how to nurture relationships through your emails so your subscribers stick to you like glue
  • Learn the anatomy of a good email, along with email sequences, automations, and the importance of segmentation
  • Adopt a long-term approach for customer-centric email, including how often to revisit your customer journey map and when to evaluate results

Here’s how RevUp Accelerator works

There are seven core learning modules, along with tools and exercises that accompany each lesson, PLUS live Q&A, and a private Facebook community.

Module One: Knowing Your Buyer
The Importance of a Buyer Persona
Module One is all about getting up close and personal with your ideal buyer. You’ll learn what a buyer persona is, why it’s important, and whether you need more than one. You’ll also conduct buyer persona research and create a buyer persona of your own.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • A Buyer Persona Template with an included sample to help you nail your buyer persona quickly and efficiently
  • Buyer Persona Interview Questions to ask in your persona interview so you can get all the juicy details you need from your buyer(s)

By the end of Module One, you’ll understand your customer so thoroughly that you’ll be able to align your marketing strategy to send the right message to the right buyer at the right time. Not only will your buyer appreciate this, but it makes writing your emails SO MUCH easier, too!

Module Two dives into your customer journey, which is the process your customer takes with your product or service, including each and every touchpoint with your brand. You’ll learn the basics of a customer journey map, then see how they can be used to identify the holes in your email marketing strategy that need to be filled.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • A Customer Journey Map with included samples to help you map your customer’s journey from start to finish
  • A Customer Journey Goals Example List that helps you define your goals based on the phases in your customer journey
  • A Case Study that shows the evolution of a customer journey, before and after revisions (perfect for inspiration and to help you make yours meaty, too!)
  • A “Marketing Touchpoint Audit Questionnaire” that will help you find the gaps in your own customer journey (so you can fix them, of course!)

After completing Module Two, you’ll have a vivid vision of your customer’s experience with your offers and your brand. You’ll understand their journey from their point of view and how you can use add, subtract, or tweak your email marketing to make it even better.

You can’t fix what you don’t know, and that’s exactly what Module Three helps you remedy. You’ll explore the importance of documenting your strategy as well as how to document it, then learn how (and what) metrics to track. You’ll also create a scorecard to make sure that your growth is in line with your sales and marketing goals.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • The “10 Most Important Email Metrics” Cheat Sheet to nail down the ones you need to focus on
  • The “Define Your Strategy” Template with included examples to help you strategize what’s right for your business
  • The “Moving the Needle Progress Report” Spreadsheet that tracks the metrics you determine are the right ones to track for the upcoming 90-day period (you’ll love keeping an eye on this to see your growth!)

When you wrap Module Three, you’ll have a metrics strategy in place — as well as a method for tracking it — that allows you to know what’s working with your email and what needs to be fixed.

Why use email marketing if most of your emails get sent to SPAM?  In Module Four, you’ll learn about email deliverability, including what to look for in an email service provider, the best times to send emails, and how to avoid SPAM filters.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • The “Getting to the Inbox” Audit to make sure your emails are staying out of SPAM
  • The “Email Best Practices” Checklist to help you learn the important gems that need to be in every email — and what you can leave out
  • The “Clean Up Your Email List” Process Map that will help you keep only the subscribers who are truly engaging
  • The “10 Most Important Email Metrics” Cheat Sheet to nail down the ones you need to focus on
  • A list of industry benchmarks so that you know that your business’s emails are performing right on track
  • Email Deliverability Calculator

By the end of Module Four, you’ll understand the logistics about how to get your email in front of more of your customers’ eyeballs so those emails connect and sell the way they’re meant to!

In Module Five, you’ll see how all of your learning about your customer — as well as all of your mapping about their journey — comes into play in your emails. Using your customer knowledge and data, you’ll learn how to nurture relationships through your email and understand what the customer wants to hear and when they NEED to hear it. You’ll also dig into the anatomy of an email, exploring subject lines, calls-to-action, design elements, and A/B testing.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • The “Email Testing Protocol” to help you evaluate your emails
  • The “Subject Line Swipes” List so that you have loads of ideas to try (and test)
  • The “Email Best Practices” Checklist with content examples so you know what to keep in your body copy and what to skip
  • The “What to Send & When to Send it” Template to help you brainstorm content that’s in line with your customer journey

When you’re done with Module Five, you’ll know the basics of a good email — and how to add in the right content so your buyer or customer is always getting the right message at the right time.

The beauty of email marketing is that there are so many tools at the ready to make the process easy and help you continuously connect with your customers. In Module Six, you’ll learn about some of these tools, including email automations and follow-up sequences. You’ll explore welcome sequences, events and download follow-ups, and abandoned cart emails. You’ll also learn how to set up automated email workflows as well as how to segment your list to personalize your emails even more.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • Samples of automation emails to help you see and write successful automations of your own
  • An Automation Workflows Map that will help you map out the emails you need for your business
  • The “Define Your Segments” Map to ensure you’re sending valuable emails to each of your customer groups

By the end of Module Six, you’ll understand how automations, follow-up sequences, and segmentation can help you connect with your customers in a way that’s seamless, personalized, and primed for sales.

In this final module, you’ll learn the finishing touches of a successful customer-centric email marketing strategy. You’ll understand why it’s important to have a long-term approach that continues to change with your business, instead of a “set it and forget it” strategy. You’ll learn when to revisit your customer journey map and how often to evaluate its gaps, as well as how to identify when it’s time to level up your goals and how to troubleshoot any problems.

The tools we’ll be using:

  • Troubleshooting Checklist to help you identify problems and set them right, fast!
  • Optimization Timeline 

By the end of Module Seven, you’ll have a thorough understanding of not only your customer, their journey with your offer, and your strategy for tracking your email’s results, but you’ll also have a big-picture mentality that will keep you writing, tweaking, and tracking your email marketing for a long time to come.

Along with RevUp Accelerator, you’ll also receive these bonuses to up your email game up even more and see even better results


You can join RevUp Accelerator in one of three ways.

You’ll receive...

  • Access to the seven RevUp Accelerator modules, plus all of the tools and exercises included in each module
  • The three bonuses including The 12-Month Launch Promotional Calendar Template, a Stagnant email list, and “The Value of Your List” PDF
  • Access to the weekly live Q&A calls and access to the RevUp Accelerator  private Facebook community

You’ll receive...

  • Everything in the COURSE ONLY option PLUS…
  • Two review and recommendation sessions delivered via a recorded video, where Sam will:
  • Review your customer journey map, gaps, implementation plan, and strategy plus provide optimization suggestions
  • Review your email marketing results and provide optimization suggestions
  • A library of eCommerce email campaigns along with competitive data, analysis, and insights

You’ll receive...

  • Everything in the VIDEO REVIEW PACKAGE PLUS...
  • A visual plan & map, along with a simulation walkthrough
  • Three 1:1 live 90 minute coaching sessions with Sam to help you implement the course content. They include:
  • Session 1: Design your email marketing strategy
  • Session 2: Review implementation results and next steps
  • Session 3: Create a customized optimization plan














When you choose the one-time payment price, you’ll receive a 60-minute 1:1 strategy session to discuss your current email marketing strategies and how to immediately optimize it in your business!

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can dive into the program for a full 14 days and experience the power of email marketing in your business. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 14 days. This entire program is designed to help you put this into action. You will be asked to share your implementation and results in the program to qualify for a refund.

It's time to stop relying solely on social media to sell — and add email to your marketing plan instead.

No one wants to hear this but it’s true: social media isn’t a safe way to market your business.

Your Facebook, Insta, or LinkedIn platforms could go away tomorrow, or your accounts could be hacked. When you don’t own the platform (or have any control over how it’s run), you’re constantly at risk of losing your audience (and potentially losing your business!).

Email marketing is the one sure-fire way to bullet-proof your business. Not only do you own your list, but you’re able to personalize and customize email in a way that social just can’t. With email, you can easily create an experience for your customers that’s SO aligned with what they want and need that they’ll…
...engage with your emails
...connect with your content your offers
...and buy what you’re selling again and again.

All you need to do is start.

Ready to tap the potential of email in your business and see the impact it can make on your customers and your sales?

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